Why use an integrated HR platform for startups

February 15, 2021 at 5:00 AM
An HR professional going over coverage included in the property and casualty benefits package with an employer.

Watching your company grow is exciting, but growth can also bring new challenges. As your company grows and you hire more people, the number of demands on your HR team increases. From onboarding to payroll to health insurance and more, your HR professionals have a lot on their plates. Fortunately, an integrated HR platform for startups can help.

All data in one location

Your HR department manages many aspects of human resources, and keeping up with everything on a daily basis can be a challenge. An HR platform brings everything into one convenient location, including payroll and taxes, health insurance, employee benefits and more. With all data in one place, it becomes easier for your team to track information and manage operations, making your HR department more efficient.

Employees can access important documents

While having important information in one place is helpful for HR professionals, it’s also helpful for your employees. With an HR platform for startups, your employees can complete onboarding forms, enroll in benefits programs or rewards programs and more – all in one convenient location. This makes it easier for your employees to access and complete important tasks and contributes to a positive employee experience.

A variety of solutions

An HR platform for startups offers a wide range of capabilities, so your company gets the HR solutions it needs. At Ashton Benefits, for example, our platform offers individual solutions, property and casual solutions, employee benefits, executive benefits, cost containment solutions and compliance solutions.

Individual solutions

Provide each employee with solutions that benefit their health and well-being, including estate planning, disability insurance, life insurance, individual medical insurance, long-term care, medicare supplement, dental care and international benefits.

Property and casual

Insure your business property and assets with a plan built to fit your organization’s needs, with coverage options like business income exposure, automobile, machinery and equipment, workers compensation and more.

Employee benefits

Ensure your employees have a great experience at your company by providing employee benefits. Ashton Benefits offers solutions like 401k investments, a variety of insurance options and wellness programs.

Executive benefits

You can also provide benefits for your top executives, helping to keep them engaged and motivated. Benefit options include disability income protection, executive medical reimbursement, executive bonus plans, and non-qualified deferred compensation.

Cost containment

Ashton Benefits identifies the best cost containment solutions and offers a variety of programs, including a medicare advocacy program, labor and delivery program, cancer support program and more.


We ensure you stay compliant with the help of a compliance review and checklist, documentation and form preparation, compliance updates, and an HR team consultant.

Pricing Packages

Ashton Benefits offers multiple packages at different price points with different features, so you can get the right solutions for your business.

Accessible from anywhere

If you choose an online HR platform like one from Ashton Benefits, your team can access the data they need any time, anywhere.

Need an integrated HR platform? Ashton Benefits is your one-stop shop

Ashton Benefits is an insurance brokerage firm specializing in employee benefits for small businesses and startups. We’re based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, but our services are available throughout the US. We help with all HR needs, including payroll, benefits, compliance and more. Our online platform integrates the data from your payroll, health insurance and HR systems, and it's all accessible from the Ashton benefits dashboard.

Our team is made up of a variety of industry experts, including pharmaceutical, compliance, actuarial, and HR technology experts. You can trust we’ll find the perfect HR solution for your business. We also offer full-service support. Click here to learn more about our platforms.

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