HR Tools for Small Businesses for a Positive Work Culture

May 18, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Outsource HR tools for small businesses.

To attract the top talent in your industry, you need competitive compensation packages, first-rate benefits, and a positive work culture. An established consultant firm provides HR tools for small businesses sourced from exceptional nationwide resources. You’re empowered to offer your team the benefits they deserve, making you competitive with larger corporations for the best candidates for leadership positions.

It's hard to define the aspects of a company that create a work culture where employees thrive and fuel your brand’s future growth and development. An established consultancy firm like Ashton Benefits provides bespoke HR tools for small businesses to define and transform their brand culture.

Offer exceptional benefits to your employees.

Many small businesses assume they can’t provide the same benefit packages as large corporations because of the cost. That’s why outsourcing to an HR consultant allows you to access better benefits while still maintaining your bottom line.

You can compete with more established brands and attract the best talent in your field to your leadership and team positions. HR tools for small businesses include developing benefits packages with:

  • 401K investment opportunities
  • Insurance including dental, vision, disability––even pet and critical illness
  • Prescription drug benefits

Empowering a healthier workforce can also reduce insurance costs and fuel a positive work culture. Ashton Benefits works with clients to custom wellness plans to encourage employees to be active, engaged, and making healthy choices at work and outside the office.

Greet new employees with proactive, consistent onboarding.

Often, by the time you are ready to expand your team and hire new positions, there’s already a high demand for their skills in your workflow. Small businesses may intend on providing thorough onboarding. But often, new hires have to jump right in on their first day––especially in fast-paced and demanding industries.

HR tools for small businesses include onboarding packages that don’t involve overburdening new hires on the first day with a stack of paperwork and a hectic review of benefits.

Send an email, and your new employees can esign documents and enroll in benefits with an effortless process. There’s also no risk of critical paperwork getting lost in the shuffle, as your HR consultant stores and manages everything online.

Provide your executives with long-term financial stability.

Attracting top talent is one thing, but keeping it for low turnover and sustained growth is foundational for positive work culture. Developing competitive executive benefits packages rewards your brand’s stars with long-term financial stability. With the right HR tools, you’ll encourage your talented leaders to build their careers with your company.

Ashton Benefits works with small businesses to create custom packages, including:

  • Disability income protection
  • Executive medical reimbursement
  • Bonus plans
  • Deferred compensation

Just because you’re a small business, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete against corporations for exceptional leaders for your brand. Ashton Benefits will analyze your business and develop an individualized compensation package for your industry.

Make an efficient, receptive HR department available to employees.

Human resources are the best way to let employees know they’re valued and provide them with the critical information they need to feel content and engaged with the jobs. However, few small businesses can afford a dedicated HR department within their companies.

Working with an HR consultant allows you to keep track of key metrics:

  • Tracking paid time off
  • Approving time off requests over email
  • Stored and accessible company policies

Your employees’ concerns will be heard and responded to, so there’s no anxiety about requesting time off or stress about tracking paid time off hours. Clarity and follow-through with company policies are two of the key ways to transform your work culture.

Get in touch with Ashton Benefits for the HR tools for small businesses your team needs.

The Ashton Benefits team works across the U.S. and internationally with diverse industries employing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to pair small businesses with HR tools in custom packages.

Contact us to analyze your company’s HR needs, and we’ll develop an individual package including employee and executive benefits, property and casualty insurance, and HR compliance reviews.

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