What is an Employee Benefits Broker and Why is Ashton Different?

March 18, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Discussion with an employee benefits broker

Negotiating a benefits package with employees or creating a company-wide plan is often a complex process. In addition to cutting risk and containing costs, you also need to ensure that your benefits policy adheres to regulations. And you need to balance those considerations out with giving employees compensation that satisfies them.

Employee benefits brokers make this a simpler process, using their expertise to help you provide benefits that are risk-controlled, cost-contained, and appropriate for your employees.

Here’s more information on employee benefits brokers and the work they do, as well as why Ashton is unique among them.

What is an employee benefits broker?

Employee benefits brokers are financial advisers who consult with businesses on their benefits requirements. Taking into account each company’s unique situation, they provide advice on the coverage that’s most appropriate.

Employee benefits brokers consider multiple factors at once, including ensuring the health and welfare of employees and their families, controlling benefits-related expenses, and mitigating risk.

Once you start working with benefits brokers, they maintain oversight of your benefits packages and developments that may affect them. That includes changes to your carriers’ rates and regulatory shifts.

What makes Ashton different?

At Ashton Benefits, we’re differentiated by our breadth of experience and deep expertise in HR programs.

Here’s some of what places us above the competition.

We have varied expertise

Our team is made up of experts in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, compliance, actuarial, and HR tech experts.

Having such a broad range of perspectives and expertise in different fields equips us to serve clients across diverse industries.

Our experience and knowledge also enable us to serve clients in different regions while maintaining compliance at both state and federal levels.

And we also help clients with an international presence put together tailored benefits packages that meet the requirements of each of their locales.

We’re business-driven

We evaluate a uniquely wide selection of carriers to find the ones that not only meet your employees’ needs but also offer you the greatest cost-effectiveness.

When you have multiple cost containment packages to consider and you’re not sure which one offers the most value, our advisers can help you identify the best choice.

Similarly, we focus on keeping your business compliant. Our compliance experts work to limit your business’ exposure, keeping your benefits packages and policies firmly in line with both local and federal regulations.

We’re people-focused

Our people-focused approach means that we pay close attention to delivering benefits packages that genuinely contribute to the welfare of employees.

We achieve this by offering variety, so that each of your employees can pick out the options that best meet their needs.

When you work with Ashton, your employees can choose from different 401k investments and insurance products including medical, dental, vision, life, and critical illness.

And we help you to offer ancillary benefits that give employees greater choice. At the same time, such comprehensive benefits packages make your company more attractive to recruits, positioning you to get the most qualified and capable hires.

We leverage technology

Your benefits package only forms part of your company’s wider HR policy.

At Ashton, we provide technology solutions that help you keep track of this aspect of your people programs and the others surrounding it. Our industry-leading HRIS tools help you to maintain in-depth visibility into your benefits programs, along with the rest of your internal HR policies.

Keep your business compliant and your employees satisfied with an expert employee benefits broker

Ashton Benefits has experienced employee benefits brokers who can help you create cost-effective, risk-mitigated, and comprehensive benefits packages. While we’re based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, we serve businesses throughout the US.

We can help you with deciding on employee benefits and carriers, as well as all your other HR needs. Reach out to our team to find out more.

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