What Are HRIS Systems? A Complete Overview Guide

May 16, 2022 at 11:00 PM
Image of people working at tables at a startup, wondering what is an HRIS system?

New technology and software have made it easier than ever for organizations of any size to track their human resources. There’s no shortage of data generated between payroll, accounting, benefits, and timesheets. When an organization wants to streamline HR processes to run more efficiently, it’s necessary to implement a system to integrate the technology an organization uses with its HR department. Human Resources Information Software (HRIS) is a tool for improving organization and coordination throughout your organization. Here’s a complete overview of what HRIS systems are and how they benefit businesses of all sizes.

Automated data collection eliminates redundancies.

Employers need a massive amount of data on their employees, both during onboarding and throughout their employment. When a new member joins your team, they have to spend hours filling out forms with their personal information, inputted by someone in HR.

With an HRIS System, new employees can input data directly into the software, where it’ll never be lost or misplaced. HRIS can also keep track of time-off requests, payroll, and time-tracking. All pertinent information about an employee is centrally located and accessible to members of HR and management in an instant.

Data-driven decision-making by management.

Instead of making emotional or biased decisions regarding promotions and raises, when management can instantly access data about employees, they can form a holistic picture of performance.

HRIS includes attendance, performance metrics, benefits, and salary to optimize efficiency and guide leadership decisions. Incorporating an HRIS platform into your organization’s processes adds quantitative support to decision-making.

Ensure compliance with HR and data security regulations.

As tax and benefit regulations change, it’s up to human resources to keep up with developments and then implement organization-wide changes. This leaves an organization vulnerable from the time of the regulation change until the implementation of new processes. It can also create redundancies in daily operations.

Some HRIS platforms automatically adjust to tax and employment regulation changes, saving HR time and ensuring you’re never lagging behind legal requirements for your industry.

Instead of analog employee files that are vulnerable to becoming lost, stolen, and damaged, HRIS provides employee data with standardized security and privacy protection. HRIS protects your company’s reputation by ensuring employees’ confidential and private data isn’t vulnerable to theft or loss.

Change the focus of HR to strategy development.

When the rote work of employee data bogs down your HR department, they’re not delivering all the value they can to your organization. Rather than spending the workday focused on payroll, timesheets, and administering benefits, your HR professionals can focus on supporting employees for a more agile and engaged workforce.

When you implement an HRIS system for your organization, your human resources department can focus on:

  • Recruitment to create a talent pipeline for your company
  • DEI policy creation and implementation
  • Audit benefit analysis
  • Provide career development for employees

HRIS frees your HR department to focus on the responsibilities that offer lasting benefits to your organization.

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