4 best practices for effective employee management systems

October 28, 2020 at 7:00 AM
HR associate discussing the importance of employee management systems to the team

The success of any company relies on the strength and productivity of its employees. And as years of research has shown, the best and most productive employees are happy ones.

So how can you improve your employee management skills and practices? We’re here to help.

Here are four best practices to keep in mind when working with employee management systems.

1. Make open communication a priority

Providing a space for open communication in the workplace requires more than just a box for employee feedback forms. It requires actively listening to your employees, implementing their feedback in a meaningful and swift way, and becoming more transparent with company policies and operations.

2. Create opportunities for constructive feedback

People crave praise when they’re doing well, and constructive but kind feedback when they’re not. So, don’t just limit constructive feedback to the dreaded annual performance reviews.

Instead, work to incorporate feedback throughout the year, in formal and informal situations. Prove that you’re paying attention by pointing out specific things that they’re doing well. Managers that give good feedback show that they care, and that speaks volumes to an employee.

3. Smooth out the onboarding process

No one likes a drawn out onboarding process, and having to go back and fill out additional paperwork because you missed it the first time can be even more annoying.

Simplifying and smoothing out the onboarding process is crucial, because in many cases, this is a new employee’s first impression of your company. Are you organized and thoughtful in the way you do things, or do you follow a haphazard and redundant approach? You can find the answer in how your HR department conducts your onboarding process.

4. Provide career development opportunities

The best employees are always striving to achieve more and do better. It then stands that these same people wouldn’t want to do the same thing, day after day. They’ll have higher ambitions, whether it’s moving up the ladder at your company, starting a business of their own, or something else entirely.

If they plan on moving up the corporate ladder, you may want to consider investing in them. After all, ambitious and skilled employees are a boon to any company, and you wouldn’t want to lose them. On the other hand, neglecting stellar employees gives them even more reason to move over to one of your employees.

If you want to keep great talent at your company, invest in them and give them a reason to stay.

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